Privacy Policy

If you choose, this site stores information supplied from you about your collection. What you choose to enter is up to you, but it currently can be:

  • Which pieces you have,
  • When, and where you bought them,
  • How much you paid for them,
  • Pictures of them,
  • And possibly more.

This information will never be shared with anyone without your consent. While we do hope to introduce features in the future with which seller's can publicize part, or all of their colleciton, it will most definitely be an opt-in feature.

The site does publish some general, aggregate statistics about the collections and pieces stored herein. For example, in the Library for any piece, it shows many members have a piece, want a piece, are selling, or have sold a piece. This information is currently not presented in any other way other than totals. It is possible (likely) that averages will be presented in the future, e.g. "the average price this piece was acquired for is $65.43".

We will happily permanently delete anyone's collection or personal data upon request, and we hope to make this a feature that can be performed by any user themselves without our assistance.

We store passwords in a secure fashion that cannot be retrieved, so if you forget your password, you must reset it, though this is standard internet practice nowadays, and you should be used to it.